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HSBC UK and #Merky Books, the publishing imprint created by Penguin Random House and Stormzy, have joined forces to create an in-person and live-streamed event series for schools, to help young people build capabilities for a changing world.

Events focus on personal finance and financial wellbeing, entrepreneurialism and how money works and take place in secondary schools around the UK, as well as being able to view online here.

Niran Vinod and Damola Timeyin are both creative strategists with extensive experience in the advertising industry. Their book, How To Build It: Grow Your Brand, is an indispensable step by step guide that will help you understand all the key considerations as you build solid foundations for your brand to thrive and grow.

Niran specializes in helping fashion and retail brands maximize their creative potential on various platforms, while Damola has worked with household British brands on everything from social to brand strategy. In addition to their professional work, Damola is also the Head of Strategy for People of Culture Collective (PoCC) and mentors young people looking to enter the creative industries.


In this event, Niran Vinod and Damola Timeyin, authors of How To Build It - Grow Your Brand discuss entrepreneurship.

Themes of: passion, creativity, finding inspiration, hard work, work-life balance, finding your collaborators, practicalities of making money, failure. There are also practical, digestible life lessons for any young person thinking about their future.

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Bola Sol is an experienced financial advisor and educator who has spent over a decade helping people learn how to manage their money effectively. Her book, How To Save It, is a comprehensive guide that helps readers develop a better understanding of personal finance and provides practical advice on how to build healthy financial habits.

Bola has developed numerous financial literacy programs and resources for teachers and students and is a frequent speaker at education conferences and events. Her expertise and engaging teaching style have earned her a reputation as a trusted financial educator and advocate for financial literacy. Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including Forbes, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal.


In the second event in the new series, finance coach and author of How To Save It, Bola Sol talks about managing your personal finance and financial wellbeing.

Themes of: Personal finance and how to save, with a focus on budgeting and investing. The cost of living and understanding inflation and interest rates with a focus on food, energy, transportation and entertainment. Bola also offers valuable advice about financial confidence and safety as well as how to financially prepare for university and/or working life.

Chaired by Peigh Asante.

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Rupal Patel and Jack Meaning are renowned economists. Rupal specialises in trying to prevent economic crises, which means you know who to blame when everything goes wrong. Jack is focused on protecting the pound in your pocket, which means he goes to lots of long meetings about interest rates. Their book Can’t We Just Print More Money is a rip-roaring crash-course on economics in ten simple questions. From financial crises to Freddo prices, it will help you make sense of your job, your life and maybe your world.

Patel and Meaning have tons of experience delivering educational talks to students and believe that young people should have the chance to learn about how money affects their lives and the world around them.


In the third event in this series Bank of England economists Jack Meaning and Rupal Patel discuss their book Can't We Just Print More Money?. 

Themes of: Economic concepts such as supply and demand, inflation, money creation and how money is circulated in the economy, the role of central banks and the process of printing money, the consequences of excessive money creation such as inflation, financial literacy, as well as budgeting, saving and investing with practical tips on managing money wisely, the importance of making informed financial decisions and planning for the future.

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